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Geosign - 3A Composites: an exclusive partnership.

DIBOND®traffic is the sheet material of the future for traffic signs, it guarantees innovative and efficient processing.

Traffic Solutions, is part of the 3A Composites Group and produces high-quality aluminum composite panels for use as image carriers in traffic signs; referred to as DIBOND®traffic, this material was specially developed for this application.

Strenght of DIBOND®traffic:

  • Durability: thanks to the innovative manufacturing method, DIBOND®traffic  withstands the weather conditions on traffic routes for decades and we can therefore give a 12-year guarantee on the panel of our traffic signs.


  • Lightweight: DIBOND®traffic, made from a plyethylene core material  and two special aluminum cover layers, contains significantly less aluminum than a conventional aluminum traffic sign.  It is therefore  up to 30% lighter with the same rigidity, which is clearly noticeable in handling and installation.


  • Sustainability: DIBOND®traffic  has  a positive effect on the environment. Indeed, due to the significantly lower aluminum content, fewer greenhouse  gases are released into the environment during plate production. This is confirmed by  an Environmental Product Declaration (EDP) for aluminum composite. The low weight also has a very positive effect  on transport, more traffic signs can be transported per ton than with conventional ones.


  • Equivalency: DIBOND®traffic  is nationally and internationally  recognized as equivalent to solid aluminum in the world of traffic signs. DIBOND®traffic  has also been approved in Germany  by the RALGZ-628 standard since 2020 and has been used  for traffic signs for many years by EN 12899-1.


  • Economy: due to the low aluminum content, DIBOND®traffic  is more readily available on the international market and, as a panel material, offers a lower price compared to conventional construction methods.


  • Developed for lamination with foils: Avery Dennison guarantees sustainability when using their foils on the substrate DIBOND®traffic. That’s why DIBOND®traffic, together with Avery Dennison and Geosign’s production methods, is an unbeatable pairing with the best value for money in the industry.




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